Hello there, Lovers


This is an unofficial get to know me post, I feel it’s rude to just barge into peoples lives without introducing yourself. So, this is rather an introduction

It is only unofficial because I’d like for us to have a continuously growing relationship. So, you will get to know me more in posts to come and I’ll know you in comments section.

Let’s get right into it…



  1. I’m short

How is this relevant you ask? I ask the same question because when I’m in a group of people they’d be random comments of “Hai Mara You so short” and we’d laugh, right.

This is not a petty fact but it has become a motivational factor for me because it always pushes me to be a ‘BOSS BABE’ so people can be intimidated by this short lady


  1. I laugh a lot

It hurts how I love laughing yet I’m the one making people laugh so like I have to laugh at my own jokes. Yeah, my life but there are a handful of clowns in my life at least but I also enjoy the company of kids in their early ages because they always have this funny and cute way of learning. I really love babies though


  1. I love attention

This is a huge one cause if you are reading this then you giving me your attention too, how cool is that and for that I appreciate you.


    4.  I am a cry- baby

It may be common for women that most things just make us teary but as for me, a few weeks away from my loved ones gives me so much anxiety. I don’t mind leaving them if I score a trip overseas though, we’ll just deal with the fallout later.


  1. I’m very loud

I randomly start singing, making noises, just a whole havoc alone. Some of my friends have adapted to how I randomly make noise and singing songs in my own melody and rhythm and because they can’t beat me, they just join me


  1. I’m the life of a party

When I am ready, when I bathed for this thing and decided that today I am going to dance till the sun comes up trust me, I do deliver. Unfortunately, I only go out once in a blue moon, that’s my reality. I’d rather stay behind; my friends would leave me in bed (when going to parties etc.) as happy as I could be and it wouldn’t hurt anywhere but I mostly go out when We have a photography gig. So, no I’m not boring!!!


  1. I’m self-motivated

I am one person who goes through so much alone, like everyone else *Pssht..*

But my point being I bottle things up, I let situations eat me up alone first. I only talk to a few people once I can’t take it anymore. But time and again I try to remove myself from the dark hole and without fail I do but we always need that one person to just release the emotions to. I just love being that person for other people too. I am always willing to listen and speak a positive and healing word to someone else, I’d like you my lovers to always feel free to speak up or make contact when you also in that aching place, maybe I’ll laugh at you and with you till you recover



  1. I talk a lot

I love talking to people even those I don’t know; I love finding out about their well-being. I love it when people leave my presence happier than they were before.


  1. I enjoy my space and being alone too

In as much as I’m all fun and lively, I burn out. I get tired of being around crowds especially when it wasn’t part of my plans for the day. I would socialize for reasonable hours and just zone out.  Most times I’m the first one to ask to stay behind


  1. I’m said to be moody *very funny*

I disagree that I’m moody because at times I just prefer peace and quietness rather than trying to prove a point, I have moments when I fully want to express myself but sometimes, I just brush it away and of course I will be bothered and distant for some time and that’s other people’s perspective of moody.


So, the ‘FUN FACTS’ were basically a way for me to show you that I’m just human and imperfect but most of all, I would appreciate to engage with you and get to know you too.

*Leave a comment about one fun fact about you *

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Thank you for staying with me till the end. You My Lover are special..




  1. Hi Lover

    I talk a lot but I do enjoy my space and being alone too. I love people wish it was so easy for me to listen to everyone who has issues and also wish I could solve all those issues, but I always keep everyone in my prayers.

    Not afraid of challenge and also like to be corrected when I am wrong. As we all learn from our mistakes.

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