Hello Lovers, I have news for you..

As you can see per the title, today I’m here to remind you that:


We all deserve good things don’t we?

We all wish to be successful, right?

We all still see ourselves being in a better position than we currently are in right now

We all still dream big, no matter the age

So, my question for you today is: ‘WHAT IS STOPPING YOU?’

What is stopping you from achieving all that you dream of?

Because the truth is nobody, absolutely nobody sis/bro is gonna hold your hand and show you the way, no one is gonna give you everything you need on a silver platter.




You want to further your education? Then ask people who are already in there, google those institutions and be informed and apply on time


If it’s a business you want to start, then ask questions from those who already have theirs; google information, go into the CIPC website, browse through and find your answers


If its that Youtube channel, then watch other youtubers and find information as to how they do it. I know most of them have videos about what you need

And do not use equipment as an excuse of not starting because again, no one will give you that equipment, so use what you have and learn along the way

Blogging, online store, influencer etc, the digital market is now growing and easily accessible so there’s no excuse for you to not be using your talent.


You already have a business but its not where you want it to be? Then get it there.

Take extra hours to strategize, be innovative, Budget, invest in new material, up-skill yourself, go the extra mile.

NAME YOUR PRICE: I know this is a very big problem for us black people, we always want a discount. And this affects ‘local businesses’ because we now want to tailor our skills for the next person because we afraid they won’t choose us or recommend us. The truth is: “PEOPLE PAY FOR WHAT THEY VALUE” so if they have stories when you quote, clearly, they don’t value that service and they don’t need it.

Unless you are getting a better benefit from lowering your price then, DON’T.

Only you can get yourself where you need to be, yes you do need the help of others but it’s up to you to take that step to stand up and do something meaningful for yourself.


I have had dreams and ideas of many things to do but I always tried to seek the validation of others, I always wanted someone to start it with me, to do it for me.

The best advice I got before starting this blog was from a fellow blogger @allthatiseccentric you not going to get anything done unless you START.

So yes, LIFE IS NOT FAIR, people don’t have snakes that do things for them (lol, I think) they just working hard.

Favour favours the one who is ready to receive it_(yerr, I’m wise maan)

Use your talents to make money, don’t let it all go to waste

Find someone who inspires you and be inspired by their journey, while you work on yours

NB: Do Not Fooled, Nothing Comes Easy… Your Efforts will Pay Off

*I always love hearing from you, please do leave a comment below *

Thank you for staying with me till the end. You My Lover are special..



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