Hello Beautiful Women Of South Africa


This one post I write with tears flowing down my eyes, I am sorry I have been quiet at such a horrifying time. I was still trying to be strong enough to talk.


I am one sensitive and empathetic person, so when such news of the unending killings and abuse surface, I automatically put myself in the shoes of the victim and their family henceforth I have been in a terrible space together with every other woman in the country.


We are all horrified, we are angry, we are mostly scared for our lives and those of our young daughters. Mothers who are raising a boy child are under pressure to do their very best to raise them up to be men who respect and love women.  What do we say to the small girl child now, do we teach her to be an independent woman and do we teach her self-defense?


I am tired of talking, no amount of protesting, imbizos, conferences will stop these monsters. We have been trying to reach out to them, we have apologized, we have been expressing our pain but they don’t stop.

Our justice system has sweetened jails, they know they can simply confess their gruesome acts with no remorse and their lives continue in jail with all resources provided for their lives to go on normally when they’ve left families wounded


Why are we scared of having conversations around bringing back the death penalty?

Why not a life for a life? Why should they be comfortable with taking a life and theirs be kept? Clearly if they can easily kill then they don’t mind it being done to them.

In what other ways will we protect ourselves when these monsters are disguised as our boyfriends, husbands, uncles, brothers, guardians.


To all my sisters, mothers; I am really sorry.

I am sorry that each day is 10 times uncertain for you

I am sorry you constantly have to be very aware of your surroundings

I am sorry that you can’t feel comfortable around the same gender that should be protecting you

I am sorry that your own outfit puts you in danger.

I am sorry that these cowards are not strong enough to be civil and humane


I love you and I hope we will all try to be strong and stand together in prayer. Let us not grow tired of declaring Psalm 91 and May The hear our Prayers and weeping.


Love, Zanokuhle

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