Hello lovers


I am back again after a long time

Today’s post is kind of what kept me away for such a long time

Please do enjoy.

The title talks about remembering your first love but this is not in reference with your long-lost high school lover.

We are talking about the things we love doing and why we started doing them in the first place.


It is so beautiful to discover that you have talent, something you love, that you can offer to the world right.?

That is the amazing feeling I had when I started my blog and I absolutely loved it.

Along the journey of your amazing discovery, you are bound to have people who :

Are better than you,

Have been there before you

Made it to their goals quicker than you

Are basically doing the same thing as you are but in a different way and they are just winning.


And with all of the things mentioned above, you will notice them because they will just be in your face.

So, the best way to lose your first love is to internalize the things mentioned above.


If you focus on what other people are doing next to you, you then lose track of what is ahead of you and what you have to achieve.

I too focused so much on my shortcomings, on the people who are doing good, and people who are doing great and bigger things to a point where I thought mine was not good enough.

I hope and pray that you do not get to that point.

A point where you want to give up because of others, they have their fair share of challenges too.


Remember why you started, have people who will hold you accountable, write down why you started and put it somewhere you will see it everyday.

What you have is necessary, and we do need it in this world.

Just push a little bit harder

Try a little bit harder

You can do this

You got this.

So, You and I will pledge to not give in no matter what the circumstances, we will keep on keeping on.

Leave a comment if you are with me and lets do this

Thank you for staying with me till the end. You, My Lover are special.
Love, Zanokuhle


  1. Oh wow this just a good reminder to not crave other people success and don’t try to be them but be you and remember the cause

  2. This is a gud reminder tht we need to focus on urself more, build ourselves to be strong loving,caring,confident pple who wld never give up on their dreams n goals no matter what❤️

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