Hello Lovers

We are now going into the juicy bits of life: Relationships ‘(UMJOLO)’

Everything in this country is so complicated right now, so lets loosen up.

So, I have always been unlucky in my relationships guys. There is no way I could just have a healthy relationship.

I was dribbled in unbelievable ways. which is actually funny now cause I out myself in some of those spaces

I mean, I have been in relationships where my boyfriend was boy-friending else where for a whole 6 months of our relationship.

I was in a situation-ship where you wouldn’t dare say the L word, lol.

Did I tell you I nearly became someone’s second wife, lol yes, Me. Now you know.

I was sent back to my place at almost the because the owner of the relationship is coming , so I had to make way.

So,I will be doing IGTV’s on Instagram¬† as story times about what really happened.

I will also try to load them here for those who don’t have Instagram

I can’t wait for us to laugh at ourselves and I hope you will also share your experiences.

You guys better come through for me and love me for this cause my family might not like me after this lol.

Thank you for the constant love. You my lover are special.

Love, Zanokuhle

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