Love Broken Down

Hey Lovers 


Today I want to address something extra important, Everything I post is but this one is NB!!!!

I want us to analyze the importance of self love not just for your sake but also for the next person.

I am basing this post on a bible scripture which is Mark 12:30-31

”  ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart

and all your soul and with all your mind

and all your strength’, The second is this:

‘Love your neighbor as yourself’. 

There is no commandment greater than these”


This verse clearly shows us that before any relationship, it is God first.

It is devoting everything to Him First

Secondly, it is YOU before anyone else.

Believe it or not, YOU come before your partner, friend, acquaintance or even family.


YOU CANNOT love someone else,  before you able to love yourself, the way you’d want to love your partner or your partner love you.

The inability to love yourself destroys relationships around you.

I have seen this with myself, when I am in a terrible space with myself, not caring how I look, when I’m angry, bitter, jealous, lazy, letting situations get to me; the people around me also tend to either leave or distance themselves.

I always say ‘ Love yourself abundantly and everyone else will perfectly feed from the overflow’  what that means is, in me wanting what’s best for myself then it will be easier for other people to gain from that. I will give more freely, I will give enough attention to what matters, people will experience positive vibes through my presence. 

This post is not meant to be deep but very direct

Loving yourself puts you in a happier space because you don’t care about all the negative that tries to put you down and in that way; Your Children will have a happy and loving mother, Your family will have a giving sister, Your partner will have a selfless woman, your teachers will have a hard working and cooperative student.

Loving yourself is not limited to just bathing and smelling good or even wearing the most expensive clothes,

but it can be forgiving yourself for falling short sometimes,

it is working hard to achieve all your dreams,

but also resting because you’ve been working hard,

looking at yourself in the mirror and saying you proud of yourself,

it is choosing your battles,

it is congratulating others when they have what you don’t have,

it is moving on from situations where you’ve been hurt,

it is picking yourself up after you’ve been broken,

it is seeing the good in you.

Come on sis, LOVE YOURSELF. it doesn’t matter how bad things are, you can still turn things around only by LOVING YOU.


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Thank you for staying with me till the end. You My Lover are special..


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