Well, firstly, I went to University of Johannesburg (UJ) and I was doing a 3 years Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting Degree. Thank God I completed in record time but Lockdown is jealous because we must be wearing that gown by now.

University was challenging for me as it is for me as it is for everyone else. I failed to see what I was getting out of it whilst I was there but only after I had left school, did I realise that I was getting just more than education.

All aspects of my life were tested whilst I was there, being smart didn’t work for me. All that I thought I was when I left High School was irrelevant when I got there.

Firstly, I’ll talk about lessons learnt

Then about what worked for me


  • We had different semesters, assignments and tests in between, of which all those helped you to regain a better position with your marks so that always seemed like a second chance to work harder
  • If there is anything I appreciate in this life, it is failure.
  • So for me, it has taught me to look way past my failures but to rather work harder and try harder rather than giving up.


  1. It is true that no man is an island but if want things to really work out for you then do it yourself.
  • Yes, lectures took place, all relevant material was provided, group work was done etc. but at the end of the day that degree depends on you getting your hands dirty.
  • So whatever you want to achieve in life, stop depending on someone else to do it for you, take charge and take control let whoever is helping you be a secondary element not the main because at the end of the day it is your dream and nobody can achieve it the best way you can.


  1. What you put in, is what you get out.
  • My lectures used to say this a lot but we never took them serious cause we thought they don’t understand what we are going through
  • But honestly, this is the full truth. If you put in 80% to your goals 80% is what you’ll get out. Your effort will pay off. It may not be evident now but it surely will.
  • There is so much satisfaction to putting your energy into something and watch it pay off in the end.


  1. You cannot make it WITHOUT GOD!!!!
  • This is one thing I left home knowing, but it is really easy to lose your way when you are far from parents and surrounded by bad influence
  • There were times where I was emotionally and physically drowning and I just couldn’t take it anymore, I was not coping, I was losing my loved ones. Some battles were just greater than I was.
  • Yes, we might be used to winging this life thing, like just using equipment without reading the manual but truth be told, if you can just take your time and be intentional with allowing God to guide you, you’ll see how you’ve been burdening yourself with battles that God was willing to fight for you.


  1. Having a working system – knowing how and when to study and doing it religiously.
  2. Spending less time with friends but more with my work – when you want to achieve something it takes first priority
  3. Being intentional – I told myself that I will do what I came here for.
  4. Saving money – I am not a master at it but making sure every penny lasts you till the end of the month, reduces stress.
  5. Taking time off and taking care of myself was equally important – read more on my MENTAL HEALTH DOES NOT EXIST

*comment below with some of the life lessons that you have learnt so I may also learn something new*


Thank you for staying with me till the end. You My Lover are special.




  1. In your truth many others will find themselves. In testimony of their own dreams will they find your truth. I too have a dream and because of words like yours we persevere, struggle through and await blister to turn into blessings. Thank you Zanokuhle.

  2. This is truly profound! One of life’s lessons and a bitter pill to swallow is descoveimg that life it’s self is a solo march. If the wake up call from losing contact with our high-school friends after matric isn’t enough then the one after varcity will deffinately hammer it in.

    This is where we find a coping mechanism, you have mastered the art and you are ready to take on the world I believe. Go for gold baby girl.

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