INTRODUCING: Khanyisile Skosana

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We are kicking off our May For Women with the Beautiful Khanyisile Skosana. A self-taught makeup artist, a final year LLB student and an owner of Extravagant Beauty Paleis.

Who has a passion for women, beauty, fashion and law. She loves engaging with women on different aspects more especially women in the marketplace.

Please enjoy her interview and take notes:

What do you love about the art of makeup?

  • To me personally, makeup brings healing to my soul. It makes me feel good and is therapy. That’s the beauty of it all.

Did you study for it or it started as a hobby?

  • I didn’t study for makeup, I’ve always been passionate about it so I taught myself.

What inspired you to make a business out of it?

  • I saw an opportunity wherein women were struggling with Makeup application and whenever they have to attend any occasion it’s a struggle as well so I thought why not start a business from this. Besides all that I have always had a dream of starting a business in the health & beauty sector.

How do you stay relevant in this saturated market?

  • Being  authentic. Trends come and go but you must remain and your market must know you. Keeping up with the trends also helps as it helps to remain relevant.

What advise would you give to the young lady who loves makeup and doesn’t know how to apply it? And one who would also love to make a business out of it? Where can they start and what can they do?

  • Have the willingness to learn from others who are within the industry. If needs be, attend tutorials or courses to sharpen your skill and to know more. Never stop learning and to keep practicing. If you consider going into business, you should know your target market, do your research by finding out from those who are within the industry. Start where your market is and allow gradual growth. Ensure that you remain consistent and never allow your market to forget you.

And as a wife and mother of cute twins, she is making it all work.

I hope you have learnt something because I have. it is never too late and never too early, just follow heart that’s where your joy lies.

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  1. This woman inspires me a lot, I also have so much interest in makeup artistry and, seeing her doing so good inspires me a lot.

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