INTRODUCING: Karabo Matlala

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I am so excited for this weeks’ group of women, more so because we are halfway through the ‘May For Women’ series

I want to thank you for coming back over and over again. I hope you have learnt a lot.

This week are introducing ‘Women in Entrepreneurship’

Yes all the women we have featured have their own businesses but this week we will be diverse a bit just to accommodate other fields too.

Introducing herself this week is: Karabo Matlala, She is a photographer and the name of her business is KKPhotography.

“I work as an event photographer; my passion lies in nature and wildlife photography. What I love about it is that it gives me room to express my creativity, it is a journey where I am always eager to capture the moments and actions as I perceive them. When I take those photos, I become emotionally drawn to what is right in front of me and never lose focus, that is what gives me joy and peace of mind.”

What made you start your own business?

  • I had applied to a lot of companies after college and I was just not getting any response.

Photography in the eyes of many, is regarded as a hobby and the fact that I was also tempering in the male dominant industry I became frustrated of constant rejection.

I then decided to turn this hobby into a profession. The passion was there, So I thought what do I have to lose.  In the beginning I started with small events (parties, engagements) and worked my way up from there.

How did you start

  • My first event which was an engagement party. A friend of mine that I went to college with introduced me to her friend who was getting married so I photographed her engagement party and that was my start into events photography.

To this day would you still choose having your own business or back to a 9/5 why?

  • 100% yes, I might not be were I want to be as yet but the experience and knowledge I have gained from having my own business is irreplaceable and of high value.

Professional Photography Equipment. Professional Photographer Work Kit. Photo Lenses.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced in the business world or as a woman in business?

  • Not being taken seriously as a woman in this industry is one of the biggest challenges. It is a tough industry that is male dominant and you need to be headstrong and confident to be in it.

People will judge you before they can see what you can do so you must work harder, smarter and tougher than your competitors, after that every other challenge seems exceedingly small.

What advice would you give to the young women reading & willing to start their own business too?

  • People are going to tell you no, some might say it is a big mistake to start a business but you can’t let that stop you because if you listen to the negativity you will end up never doing anything or achieving your goals.

Yes it’s not easy and the road is hard but what road isn’t, that feeling of doing something for yourself, starting your own business is something that no one can take away from you, you will be considered as one of the few that managed to take a leap of faith.

Karabo gives us a valuable lesson above: That when all hope is lost, run to your passion there is always a way for you there.

Don’t let anyone tell you there is no space for you in a certain industry, what you have will be different and unique and that’s what is needed.

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4 Thoughts on “INTRODUCING: Karabo Matlala

  1. “Never let anyone tell you there is No space for you in a certain industry”. Thank you so much for this lesson, I am inspired❤

  2. I love how passionate you are about everything you do and creating your own wealth through your passion… I envy but more especially I admire your strength and creativity to follow your goals with all the challenges, you are still thriving

  3. Beautiful. I know Karabo and she is an insanely talented photographer. Not being taken seriously as a woman is the bane of entrepreneurship’s existence… but the time of the female is now!

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