Hey Lovers

I hope we are doing well.

I know this pandemic hit us hard and forced us out of our comfortable spaces

We have all taken a toll in our careers, love life, and emotions.

Basically we have all been trying to survive and not drown

I am sure that other people like me have been letting go of themselves to save all the situations arising

While everyone is on the “RESTING” tip be sure to not rest from taking care of yourself.

Try these following things to show yourself some love and emotional health without any guilt 

  1. Stop Negative Self-Talk
  • Affirming positive things into your life is self love because it forces you to see the best in yourself
  • It forces you to expand your goals and vision
  • Always see the best in yourself and watch the better mood give you better days

2.  Stay Away From Social Expectations

  • Society always has a ” fitting perception” for peoples lives, *DO NOT FALL FOR IT*
  • The above point means that people always try to have a say about when certain things should happen in peoples lives
  • Do not let  that be you, Celebrate your milestones. No matter how small.
  • I am one person who used to think there is always a bigger success to celebrate than the current one but NO MORE. Celebrate them all.

3. Remember That You Are Loved.

  • This point goes without saying, I care about you
  • I know at emotional times, we feel like no one cares but I Do 
  • I will owe you nothing but love, remember people might not be able to remind you this when you need it.
  • Never doubt that you are loved, because you will end up isolating yourself and losing it
  • Get it through your head, You Are Loved.

Lets keep in touch on IG: @Love_Zanokuhle

Thank you for staying with me till the end. You, My Lover are special.

Love, Zanokuhle

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