Collaborations guide for both youtubers and bloggers

Hello Lovers

Welcome back and Thank You for coming back.

I hope everyone is well rested after the ‘May for Women’ series and are putting those advises into good use.

You might have seen and already downloaded the Free Quick Guide . 

So, we’ll just be going deeper into that. I want to let you in on some mistakes I did and how you can improve from them.

These will help, whether you are a youtuber, a blogger or do podcasts etc.

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My Mistakes: 

  • I decided a week before that I want to do the biggest collaboration
  • I didn’t plan my content in time; therefore, I was disappointed when people couldn’t be a part of what I was trying to do
  • I made plans with people before informing them so there were a lot of disappointments
  • I didn’t create much anticipation around the whole series
  •  it was all frustrating because a lot of things were done under time constraints

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What to do:

  • Plan your content ahead of time – a month in advance
  • This will make it easier for the people you want to collaborate with
  • Remember- people have their own commitments and schedules planned out so give them enough time to accommodate you
  • Don’t lose your niche in collaboration, don’t collaborate with what doesn’t go in line with your values. This creates and uncertainty and lose trust from people who engage on your platforms

  • Be accommodative of other people, we plan our content and themes differently. Re-share your work more than the person you collaborated with – You Are still responsible for it. They might not be able to re-share onto their feeds but ensure that they do on their stories and other platform don’t just let it die like it never existed.
  • Even after collabs ensure to keep those relationships going because we need to support each other therefore those who engage with you will better support you too.
  • A collaboration is not a competition, it is lifting each other up and brains meeting together creating content that will worth while for their followers
  • Ensure that you work with people you can learn from.

I hope these tips were helpful and if you’d like to know anything about the May For Women series or any advise in the content creation streets,  You can leave it in the comments section

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