Dear Loved One

You are probably at a point where you are just a shadow of someone else. You live by someone else’s rules.

Tears are your lullaby; you scream into your pillow to blow off the heaviness you feel.

You tell yourself that you don’t care about what other people think about you but you always seeking for approval.

You believe you are beautiful because a guy says so, who probably doesn’t mean it, He just wants to see your undies.

You are following trends that have nothing to do with your values

You are staying around where you are mistreated and not appreciated, where your opinion is just muted

You trying to cope with all the changes in your life but you can’t

I’m in tears writing this because I wish I could drill in what I’m about to say to you:


You being different means there needs to uniqueness that God wanted to show off.

You matter, you are the best that there has ever been in this world.

You deserve to be loved

No man defines your life and its meaning.

What you have to offer is necessary.

What happened to you is not your fault

Yes, the years have gone by but your life is still relevant

Current trends end but what you do passionately will be appreciated

Don’t hate on other women, there are already a lot of other people doing it

Don’t compete with others, rather learn, ask, and compliment

Be different and it is okay, it doesn’t make you less cool

Forgive yourself, forgive your family for not loving you the way you wanted to be loved

God is preparing you not punishing you, just make sure you learn something from it

Love yourself wholeheartedly first

The world is waiting on you to start that brilliant business, to follow your passion.

Speak positively into your life and watch it manifest.

That child doesn’t nullify the potential you have

You are amazing, You are necessary, You got it all in you to make it, You are a Queen, You are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

From one beautiful lady to the next; I LOVE YOU QUEEN


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